Saturday, August 23, 2008

Karen Needs...

Step 1: Go to Google
Step 2: Type in ((your name)) + needs
Step 3: Post the results on your blog

Karen Needs:

Karen needs help. [Why yes! Yes I do! Are you offering?]

Karen needs feedback. [If you don't leave comments, you are a loser. Just kidding!]

Karen needs more CS training. [That could be true.]

Karen needs some gin. [True, but I don't drink.]

Karen needs a new job. [One that makes money, preferably.]

Karen needs a website. Tomorrow. [Well, I already have one, but I DO want a new one.]

Karen needs a lobotomy. [Um, no. No, I don't.]

Karen needs to get her ass off the ground and actually do some work. [Oi. This one is painfully true.]

Karen needs to start carrying a flask. [Were you not listening to me? I don't drink!]

Karen needs to write something here in her own words. [Now wait a minute! I write in my own words all the time!]

Karen needs to stay. [I hope you really do feel that way!]

Karen needs support with her pregnancy and when her baby is born. [Ummm... do you know something I don't know?]

Karen needs Dr. Pelvic's knowledge. [Well, if he knows anything about this surprise pregnancy, um yeah, I might...]

Karen needs something to boost her self-esteem. [Yes I do! What do you suggest?]

Karen should get out there and bite some people! [Oh yeah! That's my kind of night out on the town!]

Karen needs to get her message out! [Buy scrapbooking supplies from me!]

Karen needs to crawl back in the cave she lives in and let the rest of the world progress towards the future. [Ouch!]

Karen needs more than her head examined. [Hmph! Fine, be that way! I'll be ending this post now!}

Karen needs to stop crying. [AGGGGGGGGGH!]


Blogger Lint Monkey said...

LOL, I've played this game before! Funnest ever! :D

2:32 AM  

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