Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On A Roll...

I've been posting quite regularly lately (DAILY!), which I think is awesome. But tonight, I am tired. And I'm torn between writing an awesome post or not writing at all. Well, obviously, I chose to write, but I think I'm dropping the awesome part. Sorry!

Getting up at 6 AM is HARD. I think I might have to start getting up 5:45 AM though in order to get both girls ready for school next week. DREADING IT. Well, excited to have them both in school, but dreading waking up early. This is the main reason I should be in bed right now.

The Dragon had her kindergarten testing today. She loved it, loved her teacher, and finally tried to use the bathroom and flush the toilet all by herself. She IS potty trained (for the record), but strange bathrooms bother her, and she hates the noise that the toilet makes whenever she flushes it. But she did it, and now she says she can do it all by herself when she is at school. This is a huge relief to me, because I had my doubts that she would be able to "hold it" from 6:30 am until almost 4:00 pm.

The Princess still seems happy in school. She doesn't have much to say about it, but she's not complaining about it either. This is a good thing.

We, meaning The King and I, have a lot of decisions to make about our future. Nothing bad, I promise! We just have to sit down and decide what are priorities are and then make some financial decisions that will hopefully enable us to reach our goals. It's gonna be hard! We have so many things we want to do, but not nearly enough money to do them all or quickly.

Tomorrow is Back-To-School Night. I love meeting with the teachers in the classroom. I hate the all-school parent meetings that take place before that. BORING!

And now, I'm off to bed. G'night, everyone!


Blogger dubby said...

I think you should move back to Virginia.

11:04 AM  
Blogger King Isepik said...

I'm pretty much in agreement with that. :)

1:58 PM  
Blogger Queen Karana said...


3:15 PM  
Blogger Old Man With a radio transmitter in his car said...

Never having lived in Utah, I can't compare the two. Moving across country, however, is a big deal. One suggestion: once the kids are in school for real (a couple of grades), moving becomes even more traumatic for them, especially during a school year where they suddenly not only are deprived of friends, but also become the pariah, being the "new kid" who suddenly is thrust into the existing social order. Kindergarten isn't generally a problem, but by the third or fourth grade, peer groups are becoming important, and moving becomes less of an option. Just another $0.02 worth from the merry lecturer.

8:11 PM  
Blogger Dianna said...

I second the VA thing. Lol. But honestly I think there are ups and downs to everywhere. Good luck with school! :)

5:05 PM  
Blogger Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...


8:09 PM  

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