Thursday, April 09, 2009


Things have been really crazy here... so here are a few quick updates:

Matthew and I are still in the hospital. We might be released tomorrow. We might not. Hopefully we will find out earlier rather than later.

Wednesday was a complete fiasco as far as pain management was concerned. Basically my nurse neglected to give me any pain medications (because I didn't ask for them), nor did she mention that they were available to me. I was under the impression that I had been receiving them all along with the many, many other medications I was required to take, and it made sense, because, well, the pain wasn't that bad. But all of a sudden, everything hit the fan, and well... let's just say that Wednesday night through Thursday morning was NOT a good experience.

Today was much, much, better for pain management. But Matthew is looking a bit jaundiced, so he is spending quite a bit of time "working on his tan" under the pretty blue lights.

He has also been struggling with feeding recently. Mostly because he won't wake up which is probably because of the jaundice. It's a vicious cycle: Jaundice makes him sleepy. Being sleepy makes it hard for him to nurse. Not nursing means he doesn't get enough to eat. No food, makes the kidneys job harder, plus there's nothing to help "clean out the system." Can't clean out the system, more jaundice. Jaundice makes him sleepy... and so it goes.

So I now have a breast pump. When I am attached to it, I feel like a cow. It is very similar (LOL) to one of those automatic milking machines that cows use. I've used a manual breast pump before, and I like it. But this one is pretty darn impressive. It's pretty quiet, pretty fast, can pump single breast or dual, doesn't really hurt... and I bet it's pretty darn expensive. They told me that I have good insurance... um, I hope so! But if it helps me get my milk supply up and working well, then I guess it's worth it!

I'm going to try to feed Matthew one more time, then get another round of IV antibiotics at midnight, and then I am going to bed!

Sweet dreams!


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