Monday, January 07, 2008

Guess What Else I Forgot Today

Well, in addition to forgetting various passwords, I forgot to do something else today.

Around 5 pm, I realized that I was feeling rather lightheaded, shaky, and my eyes were doing some pretty funky things. I couldn't really figure out what was wrong with me, but then my body gave me a clue. GROWL!

Yep, I was hungry.

Somehow, I managed to not eat (almost) anything all day. I did drink some Mt. Dew, I remember that. And I think I had a handful of potato chips at some point. But as far as I can remember, that was it. No wonder I was having problems. Frankly, I'm surprised I lasted as long as I did.

Am I going to have to put post-its around the house reminding me to eat? You would think it would be easy to remember.

I still love my coupons. They really help me save a lot of money on food around here. Yesterday, my newspaper brought SIX inserts of coupons. Since I get my copy, plus a copy from my Mom and another copy from my Grandpa, I had a lot of coupons to cut out today. I am clever enough to cut all three pages together rather than one at a time, but it still takes forever. And now, oh joy, I get to go grocery shopping. I am attempting to go shopping for 2 weeks, and my budget is $130. Actually, it's $150, but I only want to spend $130 so that I have money left over to go and buy more milk and a few other things that I'm bound to forget on this shopping trip. I'm curious to see if I can feed my family on $75 a week. Things like cleaning supplies and other necessities aren't included in the $75, the $75 is for food only. If I break the budget, it's not going to be the end of the world. I'm just curious, so I'm going to see how far I can stretch the budget. It might be fun.

The girls have been very contrary as of late. Lots of whining and grumbling and frowny/pouty faces, and it's getting old. When they start getting really grumpy with me, my new "trick" is to tell them to do whatever it is that they are already doing. Something along the lines of, "Hey! I want you to stomp your feet and march across the room with a really grumpy look on your face! Then throw yourself down on that couch and start screaming! OH GOOD! You are SO obedient!" It usually makes them even more angrier at me, but I find it amusing... and if it keeps me from getting mad, well, then it's a good thing. And eventually they start laughing and we can move on.

Same old, same old, but I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed AGAIN. This seems to be a never-ending cycle for me. I have GOT to find a better solution. Lots of things to do around here... laundry, cleaning, organizing, decluttering, scrapbooking, blogging, playing with kids, supervising homework, cooking (YEAH, RIGHT), putting CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS away (we left them up for Dianna, really!), and a myriad of other things, including trying to run my Creative Memories business.


Better go... obviously I've got things to do.


Blogger Lara said...

I go in and out of couponing and have just started getting back into it. Today was a bit of a nightmare, but I saved a lot. :)

The last time I bothered was when I lived in AZ, just before I got pregnant with Sophia...I think the pregnancy thing killed it.

And I'm loving your new game. We do stuff like that all the time, but I haven't quite done it the way you do...I think I'll try it. :)

11:43 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Love, Love, Love the new game! I'm going to have to try it!

Couponing makes me crazy. I really should be better at it. Or at least give it a good try.

We have been eating at home every night. Does that count as saving money on food?

12:04 PM  

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