Friday, May 09, 2008

My Day

6:00 The alarm goes off
6:09 The alarm goes off again, and I get up.
6:12 I wake up The Princess, and go "boot" laundry.
6:20 Start brushing The Princess' hair to make it pretty for ballet this afternoon.
6:45 Finish The Princess' hair, help her get dressed, give her breakfast, some of which is portable so she can take it on the bus.
6:52 Head for the bus stop.
7:02 Back home, work on the preschool scrapbook project.
7:50 Feed The Dragon breakfast, get her dressed and ready for the day. Work on laundry, preschool scrapbook, and other tasks until...
8:45 Leave for preschool "photo session".
9:00 Sit and wait for kids to show up so I can take their picture.
10:00 No kids showed up. We leave the school.
10:20 Arrive home and attempt to reboot laundry, but can't find the girls dance leotards.
10:45 Dance leotards found and are placed in the wash.
11:00 Head to Sutherland's to buy flowers and tomatoes.
12:30 Head to McDonald's for a quick lunch.
1:00 Head home to get girls ready for dance class (and put leotards for dance class in the dryer!)
1:45 Leave for dance class.
2:00 Ooh and Ahh over really cute girls performing ballet.
3:00 Head to Wal-Mart in pursuit of "Wave Petunias" and a few other miscellaneous items.
3:45 Head home!
4:00 Plant newly acquired "Wave Petunias" into hanging baskets.
4:45 Water petunias and watch them prompty turn into drowned rats!
5:00 Look at petunias again and they are perky and smiley and overall, happy.
5:30 The King arrives home and I show him all the rest of the flowers he gets to plant.
5:45 Talk on the phone to multiple people in a very short amount of time.
6:15 Start people working on their dinner. I don't claim to have "cooked dinner" - we each had different things, all of which was completely microwaveable.
6:40 The King leaves to go gaming.
6:45 Told the girls we had 15-minutes to do whatever we want.

7:00... I will be directing the girls in a very quick and dirty clean up. The The Princess will be taking a shower. Then they might have a few more minutes to play. Then they will be gong to bed. At 9:00 my SIL is coming over to scrapbook. Between 9:30 and 10:00 I will be leaving to go to the airport to pick up my Mom. I will then return home and do more scrapbooking. I also have to write down "the plan" for tomorrow (yet another really crazy day), plus sew straps and wings on to one dance costume. JOY!

What did YOU do today?


Blogger Cheri said...

Can I say I feel loved because you took time out to come flower shopping with me! Thanks!!!!!!!!! I had a good time. So did the girls. Megan wants dragon to come play sometime next week.
Hope that next week isn't as busy.

9:02 PM  
Anonymous Sarahbug said...

I need a nap after just READING this. How do you do it all, super-lady?

10:14 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I am sooo glad that our dance costumes are all ordered and I don't have to pretend to know how to sew! :O)

10:43 PM  

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